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Snowflake Art for Toddlers

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The first in a series of real life crafting activities with me and Marlowe. I endlessly scroll Pinterest for craft ideas and the pictures always look so perfect. Nothing we make ever turns out like that though, so let’s stop with all the staging and say it as it is. Welcome to Marlowe’s Mishaps – Crafting in the real world.

Onto our snowflake art. Lots of us across the country have had a sighting of snow. If you haven’t yet then fear not, make your very own snowflakes with our snowflake art activity.

This activity is really simple and perfect for toddlers. You also don’t need a lot of craft supplies.

Snowflake Art Activity

You will need:

STEP 1: Grab all your bits together! Make sure you have a good stable surface to make your snowflake artwork and pop down some newspapers or a wipeable table cloth to protect the surface.

You can use normal sellotape but it’s likely to tear or stick to the card if not using canvases, trust me we tried it! I’d recommend using masking tape for this activity. It doesn’t really matter too much, snowflakes are unique so yours will be too!

STEP 2: Now let your toddlers little hands tear the tape and design the snowflakes. Aim for six arms, you can easily make them more intricate by adding small branches off of each arm.

We didn’t have sellotape or masking tape so I got the good old electrical tape out!

STEP 3: Using a nice mix of different blues and white, let them go wild and cover the whole canvas or card.

STEP 4: At this stage when the paint is still wet, you can add some glitter if you’d like. We didn’t have any glitter to hand but did have some white sand so we sprinkled some on top and then left it to dry.

STEP 5: Once dry, peel off the tape to reveal your snowflake. If using masking tape you’ll get neater lines than we did.
Nevertheless Marlowe loved doing this!

Drop me some photos of your completed pictures in the comment box below.

Jade x