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Keeping Super Organised – Business Mums!

As many of you know, I’m a Mumma to four as well as a business owner. I know many of you are in a similar situation, that is, having kids and running some kind of business, whether that be full time or a side hustle.

I have struggled for so long to try and stay organised, especially with my online presence as it’s just too time-consuming and I get swallowed in the mound of growing posts and the pressure to create original content. I’ve used calendars, I’ve used social planners, I even brought a £100 Filofax in the hopes it would keep me organised, but no.

I stumbled recently across a kick-ass mini-course about calendar systems which opened my eyes to how I view content, creating content and how to organise it. Considering the course was only a mini-course, it’s opened my eyes to where I’ve been going wrong.

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Toys, Sometimes Less is More

Seeing as it has just been Christmas, it’s likely that you may be experiencing toy overload.

I know as a parent I always think we haven’t gotten the kids enough, but in reality, it turns out to be much more than I anticipated. That and you can’t control what others buy for your children and then before you know it, you have your very own toy shop.