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Sand Art at Andy’s Fun Day 2018 which raised 7k!

Andy's Fun Day

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On the 15th of September 2018, I attended a family fun day titled Andy’s Fun Day, where I held my Sand Art stall.

The day was set up by Katie Gillard, the daughter of Andrew Gillard. Unfortunately, Andrew had fought a battle with cancer for 19 years whereby this devasting illness took his life on Boxing Day 2017.

The BRI Haematology and oncology centre cared for Andrew and because of the great care he received, this led Katie wanting to raise funds for the centre to enable them to continue to offer the fabulous work & support they offer the families they care for.

The day was a huge success with lots of stalls on offer to the public including mine. I attended and offered Sand Art to our more younger guests. Alongside the stalls, there were lots on offer such as a bouncy castle, dunking tub, welly wanging and fantastic donkey rides!

Sand Art Stall

Marlowe’s Makes had a fantastic day with the Sand Art stall. I laid out my new setup and got to showcase my new banner!

Importantly the overall atmosphere was fantastic & everyone was super friendly. It was my first event where I took Marlowe (6 weeks) & she was pretty good to be fair. It was harder work & I will have to practice juggling her & customers. I’m a brilliant multi-tasker but holding a little one & trying to demo Sand Art will take practising! Ha.

The Outcome

I’m super pleased to share that after a successful event, as a result of the hard work and dedication of the Andy’s Fun Day team, a significant total of £7443.60 has been raised for the Friends of Bristol Haematology & Oncology unit!

Will there be an Andy’s Fun Day 2019? If so we would love to go back! Therefore go show them some love and encouragement over at their Facebook page.

RIP Andy and well done Katie & team, you should be proud.

Jade x