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Putty Fantastic!

Putty Making

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Well, we’ve all seen everyone going stir crazy about slime and putty. We have finally caved in and gave it a go today with the two big boys.


As always, first things first, gather all your supplies.

We have extra spoons here as all 3 of us had a go at making the putty at the same time. We had a putty good time together.

We had to pick up some clear bowls (so they could see that everything is well mixed) as we didn’t have any for crafting and I didn’t fancy using our cereal bowls.

The only real specific thing we didn’t have was contact lens solution but then neither of us wear contact lens. This is used as the activator to activate the putty and make it form.

Get crafting

This was such an easy make with the PVA. The boys loved being able to use the PVA glue for an alternative purpose other than just sticking!

To colour our putty we used different coloured acrylic paints, the boys each got to choose their own colour from my paint stash.

I went with the nice bright pink acrylic, Kaylen went with the purple acrylic and Carson chose the blue acrylic paint.

We threw in some glitter glue too to give it a bit of sparkle.

Who doesn’t love a sparkle? We couldn’t resist.

You could just pop in some normal craft glitter if you have some lying around the house as most people do.

After we had added in the other ingredients, some sort of reaction occurs and it all goes a bit funky!

This caught the boys attention and we had a few ‘wows’, mix, mix, mix and then get your hands in there to bind it all together (the messy part)

Keep squidging together until you get a nice firm ball. Just be sure to give all hands a really good wash after to rinse off any excess contact solution (always make sure you or your children aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the materials).

Here we have it. Our putty, it’s quite tough so works great as a stress reliever. Kaylen particularly liked this as it meant he could squeeze it as hard as he possibly could.

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