Reindeer Pottery Kit – Paint Your Own Ceramic


Paint at home in your own time with our paint your own kit which includes paints, brush and your chosen ceramic piece.

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Reindeer Pottery Kit Bundle

Paint at home in your own time with our paint your own reindeer pottery kit which includes a random selection of 5 acrylic paints, a brush and your chosen ceramic piece.
Each pottery piece has indented features which makes painting easier for children. The indented features act as a ‘guide’ line or edge to paint up to.
Each piece of pottery is a tea light. Add a small tealight candle or battery powered one to light up your creation.

If your child loves our reindeer pottery kits as much as we do then why not consider a pottery painting party.

Check out our pottery gallery on our Facebook page to see lots of little people enjoying their pottery.

Reindeer pottery:
Size; 13cm x 7.5cm
Material; Ceramic

The acrylic paints provided are smooth, water-based colours, easy to use, mix well together and are perfect for covering large areas or for detail work. Acrylic paint is quick drying and once dry will not smudge.

Strong bright colours or beautiful soft pastels.
Water based and solvent free.
Washable with water when wet, solvents are not needed.
Good covering power.
Water resistant once dried
Flexible colours so no cracks.

Important information: colours may stain hands, clothing, carpets, upholstery, walls etc. Avoid ingestion and eye contact. Suitable clothing should be worn at all times when using this product.

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