Messy Makers Parties

Messy Makers Party

What is it?

Messy Makers is where we get creative with hands on messy fun. Crafts can vary from a do what you want MDF themed figure to an actual full on craft how-to.

Who’s it suitable for?

Messy Maker Parties are best suited to children celebrating their 4th – 10th birthdays. More complicated crafts can be set up where children can follow instructions. For younger ones, free crafting is advised.

How does it run?

We will arrive before the party to set up. Set up time will vary according to the activity and the number of children who are participating. We will tell you this before hand.

We will allow a 15 minute settling in, to allow all the guests to arrive, say hello and get settled. This is often helpful for children who are particularly shy.

Once everyone has arrived we will start the activity. Each activity lasts up to 45 minutes but will vary depending on each individual child, some will finish quicker and others will take slightly longer. Also if there are a large number of children then the activity can take a bit longer.

Once finished, children are free to leave the activity. This usually works well with 2 hour parties as you then get roughly an hour for hand washing, toilet, food and to do the birthday cake. Then home!

What is included?

Set up, the activity (all materials and supplies) and clear down.

  • 1 x Craft project/MDF figure per child
  • 1 x MDF/wooden Initial to decorate per child
  • Colouring sheets as and when needed
What are the costs?

A participating child is a child under taking the craft activity.

  • £130 for up to 10 guests.
  • £220 for up to 20 guests.
  • £270 for up to 30 guests.
    £13 per extra child thereafter.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a date with the remaining balance due 2 weeks before the party.

A fuel charge may apply depending on location.