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Keeping Super Organised – Business Mums!

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As many of you know, I’m a Mumma to four as well as a business owner. I know many of you are in a similar situation, that is, having kids and running some kind of business, whether that be full time or a side hustle.

I have struggled for so long to try and stay organised, especially with my online presence as it’s just too time-consuming and I get swallowed in the mound of growing posts and the pressure to create original content. I’ve used calendars, I’ve used social planners, I even brought a £100 Filofax in the hopes it would keep me organised, but no.

I stumbled recently across a kick-ass mini-course about calendar systems which opened my eyes to how I view content, creating content and how to organise it. Considering the course was only a mini-course, it’s opened my eyes to where I’ve been going wrong.

Within the course, I was introduced to a new tool – CoSchedule, which I am currently trialling. It’s been what 2 days and I’m already in love. I organise my life online digitally and just can’t make my self use any sort of paper format. This, in theory, doesn’t really work that well for organising digital content for my social platforms anyway. CoSchedule solves this problem tenfold. It’s like a digital calendar but for my social platforms and projects.

My top features so far are –

  • It integrates with my WordPress so I can create blog posts and it publishes them onto my blog post, it will then take the blog post and post it to all my social media platforms. In my case, my Facebook page, FB Group and Instagram.
  • Following on from that it allows me to reschedule my blog post to be republished in a weeks time, a months time or any other custom date. Meaning I can repurpose my content and make it go further to reach those who weren’t online when I originally posted it.
  • I also love that the calendar view is clean and easy to view. You can create colour coded labels so that you can easily see what’s a blog, a Facebook post or an Instagram post. Enabling you to fill in any gaps.
WordPress intergration

It’s not just a scheduling platform though so don’t get confused but it’s also a platform where you can create content. You can create social media posts, blog posts, video posts all within the calendar. Upload images, videos, audio recording etc and organise where and when they are published.

Yes, it allows you to create, schedule and publish!!! You can even duplicate your content and mix up the text with it, allowing you to repurpose your content with just a few clicks. It’s absolutely amazing that I am getting so excited just talking about it.

Below is an example of a social media post, set up to post to Facebook and Twitter. The post type is ‘link’ and it’s scheduled to be posted right away. So simple.

Creating a social post

Do you have any idea how much time this is going to save me and you? A bucket load…

I’ve scheduled a months worth of content within a couple of days, this includes solo posts, reposts and campaigns. No wasting hours every day trying to think of what to write and when to schedule. It’s allowed me to view my content in a different way, repurpose and enabled freedom!

If it’s something you think you’d be interested in then you can check it out here. It’s my new best business tool and worth every penny.

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