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Heart Printing

Heart printing picture

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I as the parent really enjoyed this activity as it was very minimal set up. The idea behind this was to use Marlowe’s final masterpiece to make a Valentines Day card for daddy.

You don’t have to make a card though, you can just make a really cool heart print to hang on the wall.

I gained inspiration for this from Happy Hooligans, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Heart Printing Art Activity

You will need:

Toilet roll heart printing

STEP 1: Gather yourself some cardboard tubes, pinch a crease in the top and pinch the bottom to make the bottom point of the heart. Grab some elastic bands and tie around the tube to hold it in shape.

I didn’t have any elastic bands to hand so sacrificed some of my hair bands!

Heart printing artwork

STEP 2: Pour some kiddy safe paint onto a flat surface such as a plate or tray and let them have at it. I’d limit it to 3 colours so it doesn’t become just a splodge of brown!

All you’ve got to do is dip the cardboard rolls in the paint and dab on the card or canvas!

Table cloth painting

STEP 3: She wanted to carry on painting after her card had more than enough paint on it. As this was a throw away table cloth, I just let her paint it.

We will be leaving our card to dry and then I’ll fold it to make it into a card for daddy.

Drop me some photos of your valentines pictures below in the comment box. If you fancy some more heart themed crafts then check out one of our I Love You Sand Art kits.

Jade x