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Canvas just got foxy

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Foxy sketch

I’ve never been particularly artistic despite selling children’s craft kits.

I think it’s been a lack of confidence really, that people wouldn’t like my work and I’ve let that stop me.

I’ve decided I’d really like to learn to draw, because I want to and because I want to expand my range of canvas designs.

So here is Foxy. My very first attempt at properly drawing. She isn’t perfect but she’s perfectly kid like and seeing as that is who my canvases are aimed at, she’s absolutely perfect.

Transferred to canvas

After the initial sketch in my sketch book (above), I redrew the design by freehand onto a canvas board. Once I had putin the details I wanted, I then went over the design in a black fine liner. The pen helps to highlight fine details, give an outline and also acts as a little wall barrier when painting. You’ll see I added in a few additional hearts.

Why not, everyone loves foxes right?

It was hard trying not to smudge the design while going over the outline. I had to take mini breaks so that then one could dry, who’d of thought going over something in pen could be such hard work! Even at the end I had to leave it to fully dry before I could rub out the pencil lines and paint it up.

Finished example

I chose to use acrylics with this design and this is what you will receive if you purchase the paint your own kit. They come with a hand drawn outlined design ready to be painted with acrylic paints and a brush.

I love how the shades of the fox blend in its tale and how the colours pop in the colour contrasting hearts.

I’m really pleased with this first attempt. What shall I draw next?

If you’d like to order one of the kits then you can purchase the Fox Canvas here. Don’t forget it’s an A4 design on canvas board.