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Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

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I was being pestered today to paint so I wanted something quick and easy to do with Marlowe, which didn’t need much effort on my part!

It is a Sunday after all! This bubble painting is a super fun and quick art activity to put together.

Bubble Painting Art Activity

You will need:

Bubble Painting Equipment

STEP 1: Grab all your bits together, thankfully we had all the bits around the house. As this activity requires blowing bubbles into the paint water, make sure the paint you use is child friendly.

I didn’t have any straws so I swapped them out for Calpol syringes! Hahaha!

STEP 2: Grab some cups that you don’t mind getting paint on, fill half way with tap water, add a good squeeze of washing up liquid and a good squeeze of paint.

I’d recommend using some really nice strong paint colours, mine were a little too light so weren’t as effective on the paper.

Make sure your give it a really good stir so you don’t end up with a sludge of paint at the bottom of the cup like we did!

STEP 3: Using the straw, choose a colour and give the water a really good blow to make some bubbles. Once the bubbles have risen up over the edge of the cup, take your card or water colour paper and then place it on top of the cup onto the bubbles. It’ll leave a print of the bubbles ‘pop’ on your page. Repeat and keep going…

I chose to use watercolour paper as it has a really nice thickness so can take a soaking!

I’d also advise having a kids drink to hand, Marlowe did inhale one or two mouthfuls! Whoops, just keep reminding them to blow and not suck!!!

Bubble painting

STEP 4: Ta da! Enjoy your bubble painting. Just leave it to dry and admire the masterpiece.

Drop me some photos of your bubble painting pictures below in the comment box. I’d love to see what colour combos you come up with. If you fancy another colourful activity then check out our Sand Art Rainbow Kit.

Jade x